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Felm (フェルム, Ferumu), better known as the Black Knight (黒騎士, Kurokishi)


As the Black Knight, Felm fought for the Demon King's Army to alleviate her boredom and pass the time, having no loyalty to the Demon King and his army. In battle, she often expressed boredom while dispassionately killing enemies, wishing to find opponents capable of entertaining her, confident in her ability to triumph due to her powerful magic. When confronted by Ken Usato, who proved himself immune to her magic and thus able to hurt her, she expressed disbelief and frustration at the situation.

However, underneath the armor there was a lonely girl who wished for a connection to others. Usato's unexpected kindness toward Felm deeply touched her and she grew attached to Usato.




Felm has dark magic and reflect, which allows her to transfer the damage she takes onto the person who inflicted it on her.

Dark Armor[]

Felm holds a slime armor that she uses in combat. The armor can regenerate at will.


Healing Magic- Felm's only weakness is Healing Magic as Healing her on contact removes the injury so she cannot cast reflect ,but she retains the damage.


Ken Usato[]

Felm at first was Usato's enemy, she fought him on the battlefield but was handily defeated by him as his Healing Magic was strong against her Dark Magic, Felm nearly died in her cell as the guards hadn't treated her wounds and Usato realized this as he knew that she had retained the damage from his attacks, Usato demanded that the guards open the Cell so that he could heal her, Felm held Usato's hand as she enjoyed the warmth of his touch and wanted to savor the feeling. Usato continued to visit Felm and talk to her, Felm grew fond of him and enjoyed his company, When Felm joined the Rescue Corp, Usato tried to help her get used to Rose but to no avail.


Felm is terrified of Rose like everyone else, she is especially scared of her as Rose also possesses healing magic which can injure Felm. Felm still follows Rose as a member of her team

Suzune Inukami[]

As the Black Knight, Felm used Reflect to defeat and almost Kill Suzune, Suzune didn't trust her for a while until Usato vouched for Felm

Kazuki Ryuusen[]

As the Black Knight Felm almost Killed Kazuki on the battlefield, Kazuki stayed wary of her.